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RADIATOR CLEANER - Radiator Cleaning solution (1Ltr)

RADIATOR CLEANER - Radiator Cleaning solution (1Ltr)

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NASA Radiator cleaner is very effective in cleaning the radiator of Automobiles and Generators. The radiator transfers coolant to the engine to prevent it from overheating. Clogged radiators cannot work properly, so our radiator cleaning solution enables you to keep your car radiator clean and keep it working smoothly by eradicating calcareous deposits to assure ideal engine temperature. For good radiator health, it is essential to flush it regularly. Deposits create barriers against heat exchange that can block the regulating mechanism, so a neat and clean radiator is important for great engine performance. Our radiator cleaner in Karachi is available at a reasonable price.

Usage Recommendation Of Radiator Cleaner:

1. Ltr for small cars (800cc to 1800cc).

2. Ltr for Jeeps, Vans and Light Trucks (2000cc to 4200cc)

For Heavy-duty Vehicles and Generator use 50% water and 50% NASA   

Radiator Cleaner and full the Radiator with this mixture.

Directions For Use Of Radiator Cleaner:

  • Drain and Flush all water/coolant from Radiator.
  • Fill the Nasa Radiator cleaner as per the above recommendation and fill the radiator with water.
  • Start the engine at a normal speed for 5 minutes.
  • Open the drain cock and drain out all the Radiator Cleaner from the radiator and run clear water in good quality to clean and clear the radiator from the radiator cleaner and particles if any.
  • For long-lasting results fill the radiator with Nasa Antifreeze Coolant after cleaning the Radiator.

Packing Of Radiator Cleaner:


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