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BATTERY MIXTURE - Car Battery Solution (20Ltr)

BATTERY MIXTURE - Car Battery Solution (20Ltr)

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Nasa Battery Mixture is a specially formulated Chemicalized mixture with maintained specific gravity, which protects battery plates from premature decomposition. Moreover, it can double the life of the battery. The car battery is the heart and soul of your car and a high-quality NASA car battery solution enhances your batteries’ life. It protects your battery cells from getting damaged or else if you don’t give proper attention, it can force you to buy a new car battery. Just maintain the fluid level of your car battery at a safe level. Our car battery acid mixture is tailored to provide excellent maintenance and performance to your car.

Uses of Battery Mixture: 

  • Protection against decomposition.
  • Excellent for weak batteries as it ensures perfect charging.
  • It can be used in all types of cars, trucks, UPS, and power generators.

Directions For Use Of Battery Mixture:

  • Open the cap of the battery and check the level of water.
  • Fill the Nasa Battery water as per the level indicators.
  • After filling close the cap tightly.
  • Please wear protective gloves while filling this mixture.
  • Keep the product away from the children.

Packing Of Battery Mixture:

200 Ltr can

Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Satisfied with Battery mixture performance.
    Review by Shaheer Chapra on 15/01/2021
    Another good experience of buying car battery mixture from Nasa chemicals. Good Performance, Amazing delivery time.
  • Value
    original Products
    Review by Hamza on 30/11/2020
    Good product from NASA This Car battery mixture is good for battery plates as it works as a protective layer for the battery cells.

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