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What to do If Car is Leaking Oil

You cannot afford to ignore the small oil puddle that starts building under your car. It could be the smell of burnt oil or the blue smoke that should be concerning for you. Car oil leak repair should be your biggest concern.

You don’t have to be a trained professional mechanic to identify the cause of leakage in your car. A little hunting can help you detect the root cause of the issue. You should know what to do urgently if a car is leaking oil as it is one of the vital car care factors.

You need to identify the issue on time, or else it can cause more damage to the engine, costing you more money.

If you leave leaks as it is, it can damage the rubber hoses and leave ugly strains during your driveway. It can also be a major environmental hazard, so you have to be vigilant about it.

Oil leakage in the car engine can be very risky as it can start a fire in your engine. It can lead to catastrophic engine failure, so taking the required precautions should be your priority.

You also need to check your car's oil dipstick to have a clear idea about the oil level. If the level is decreasing drastically, it means you are losing oil.

Let’s get started with this guide to help you know the causes of car engine oil leakage and take the necessary steps for its prevention.

Car Oil leakage Causes

The causes of car oil leakage vary depending on the issue that you are facing in your car. The major oil leak in car symptoms can be damaged oil pan, bad condition of engine gaskets, or poor engine connections.

The best you can do is to ensure a proper check that everything is fine with your car engine oil or not. Check the valve cover gasket and timing cover seal of the engine to ensure everything is in perfect condition. Oil leakage in the car cost can be very expensive if you do not take the required measures at the right time.

Here are some of the causes of car oil leakage that will help you take the right step if you are facing any of the following problems.

Broken Gasket or Seals

If you are not driving your car regularly and it’s been parked for a long time, then your car engine can get blocked, and the head can get overheated during driving. If the pressure is applied to the metals, they expand, which puts pressure on gaskets and seals.

When the engine starts to cool down, metals also contract that create gaps between seals and other parts. These gaps can be very dangerous for your car engine as it can cause oil leakage. If you are facing this problem, then take your car to a mechanic to check the issue, whether it is a leaking seal or damaged oil gasket.  

Broken Oil Filter

A damaged oil filter can be one of the reasons for oil leakage. If the oil pan is damaged, then it can leave a puddle of oil under the car.

When you are driving a car, your vehicle goes through lower-lying road portions or through such roads that have potholes. It can put a dent in the oil pan and cause damage if it is hit with a large force. The end result of this trauma can cause a leakage that can get worse with time.  

The issue with Oil Pan Plug

To see if there is something wrong with your oil pan plug or not, look for the stripped threads on it. If you see it there, then it means that your oil pan plug is damaged.

To fix this issue quickly, you can fix the rubber plug. But it’s not a permanent solution. In the long run, you have to replace the complete mechanism to attain better performance from the engine.

A permanent repair will require the replacement of the plug with steel thread with the accurate size according to the shape of your car. It is an effective remedy for a car that have leakage issues when a car is parked. 

A Blown Head Gasket

If you are driving an older car for quite some time, then you might experience the issue of a blown head gasket that can cause oil leakage. Rubber materials get decomposed with the time that seals off the engine block, so you might consider replacing them as well.

Your car should also have a sufficient amount of coolant, or else the engine can get overheated. An overheated engine can affect the shape of a cylinder head that can cause leakage in the head gasket. Make sure to keep a proper check and balance on the head gasket of your car. 


Preventing car oil leakage is one of the major parts of your car maintenance. Firstly, you need to change your car oil regularly to ensure everything is working smoothly. Also, check the oil filter regularly as it can also create leakage if it is not aligned properly.

You must ensure that the drain plug, oil pan, and filter cap are in perfect condition to prevent any sort of leakage in the car engine.

You also have to check the quality of engine oil before buying it. Make sure that it contains top-notch ingredients that can prevent leaks. Additives are present in such types of oil that protects the seal and enable it to work efficiently. For car oil leak repair, you have to be vigilant and mindful, or else small problems can be the biggest headache for you. Hopefully, this guide will add great value to your knowledge to prevent car oil leakage issues.

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