How to Choose Car Gear Oil

Choosing car gear oil is one of the complicated tasks that need proper knowledge to make the right decision. You never know which lubricant is suitable for your car gear to keep working it smoothly. You can always look in the maintenance manual to choose from a qualified product list. Although, this is not the permanent solution.

Various factors are included in the selection of gear oil that you should consider. It includes the operating condition of the product, it’s availability, product consolidation efforts, and many other factors. 

Here we have laid down some useful tips that will help you to choose the best gear oil for your car.

Criteria for Choosing              

If you have a good understanding of choosing the gear oil criteria then you will be able to make the right choice. One of them is Viscosity as it is known as the most vital element of lubricating oil. The additive packages are also used in the lubricant’s general category that has a major impact on performance.

You should also assess the base oil type to know the operating conditions, and gear type, and different factors.

Viscosity of Oil

You have to choose the suitable viscosity scale while choosing the car gear oil. You need to understand different factors to examine the viscosity of the oil. Gear oil viscosity provides thickness between interacting surfaces at a particular speed and the load. You need to inspect the load for different viscosity selection methods which is not easy to do.

Viscosity is analyzed based on assumptions regarding the viscosity index, load, and the pressure-viscosity coefficient of the lubricant.

Gear Lubricant Type

Once you have selected the viscosity scale, you need to choose the lubricant type. There are many variations involved in it that include R&O, compounded, and anti-scuff. There are no standard guidelines to assess the lubricant type.

Some of the equipment manufacturers mention the viscosity requirement and then leave the decision to the end-user to decide. It will help you to make the right decision by analyzing the conditions that can affect these requirements.

R&O Gear Lubricants

Gear lubricants of rust and oxidation inhibited R&O do not have any anti-scuff additives or the lubricity agents. R&O gearbox oils offer great performance by ensuring chemical stability, prevention of corrosion, and demulsibility. These products are manufactured for the gearing systems that operate at a higher speed and low loads with no shock loading.

Anti Scuff

The anti-scuff gear lubricants are linked to the extreme pressure lubricants that have great enhancing properties. These lubricants are referred to as the high-pressure lubricants that help you to perform the necessary operations. One of the most common EP additives is sulfur phosphorus that is known as active chemical compounds. It prevents the adhesive wear under boundary lubrication conditions. The benefit that these types of additives offer is that they are not dependent on the temperature to work actively.


Every car component has its worth, so you have to take care of all parts of the car. But gear is one of those parts that you use continuously while driving a car. Don’t be concerned about the gear oil price. Just remember the above-mentioned factors and look for quality. Whether you are looking for car gear oil price in Pakistan or anywhere else, do not overlook quality in any case.

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