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While talking about windows what comes first to your mind?

Home windows? Car windows?

Well yes, that’s the fact that these two types of windows are usually involved in our life.

But wait!

What about their cleaning?

 Do we clean them every day?

If the answer is yes then well done but if not then please stop being lazy now.

Here are the reasons that you should clean your windows either they are of your home or your cars.


Your first impression is your last impression

Your appearance can make you a hero or even a zero. 

In the field of business you can tell that physical appearance matters a lot, consider an example if you are going somewhere to make a deal or even if you are going to any shop to buy something and now these shops have filthy and dirty windows, would you consider to buy your product from there? 

Obviously, you would prefer the other shops. That’s why keep in mind that cleaning glass windows holds its own importance. In business it lets your customer know about your values that you care about your business, appearance, and clients.


If we don’t do the cleaning of the windows then the dirt particles that gather around the windows usually build up on the surface of the windows. As a result, it starts to reflect the sunlight away from our houses and cars. Because of the above-mentioned fact, only a minimum amount of sunlight can enter.


The reason why our windows sometimes become dull and dark is because of the contaminants including oxidation, acid rain, paint, and spray. These are the factors that prevent sunlight from entering and make our homes and cars dark and dull. Regularly cleaning windows is very important because it removes dirt and pollutants and lets the sunlight glow in your room or car which adds more positivity and comfort in your daily life.


Daily cleaning of the windows can increase and lengthen the lifespan of the windows. As we know that glass is a porous material, if we don’t clean these glass windows timely the dirt and pollutants can damage the glass, sometimes it leaves pigmentation spots or streaks. These spots and streaks make the window’s appearance look tacky or old.


Usually, the first thing that people see in a building or car is the ‘WINDOWS’. Don’t you think that clean windows make you feel at ease? Sometimes it also represents the factor of how clean and sharp kind of a person you are. Your house, room, car if they are in a mess it reflects towards your mood as well. You know clean places and environments automatically boost your mood more positively.


Cleaning of windows on the regular basis can prevent the restoration of the windows for a long period of time. This wise step which may take a little bit of your time can save your money in the long run. Keep them clean because it can prevent serious damage and can save your money.


If windows are not cleaned daily it can cause harm to the health as well. Bacteria are present in the dust and air which gets stuck to the windows. It can lead to some harmful disease including airborne diseases. It can spread throughout the home, offices, and car. The other thing is that we usually see that kids like to touch the windows and play with them by drawing pictures on them and if this is the case you have to be extra careful of their hands and health. Because of these matters and others we need to clean the windows daily.


Your windows can be damaged by dust, pollutants, and contaminants if you don’t clean them regularly. But in some conditions, it also happens that regular use of surfactant containing products also damages the quality of glass and sometimes leaves pigmented spots. So to avoid these scenarios glass cleaners are often used to maintain the quality of glass windows either for the home or the car. These cleaners also provide a streak-free shine on outdoor and indoor glass surfaces.

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