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Car Engine Maintenance Checklist

Once you buy a car, you become liable to take the best care of it the way you look after yourself. It is just like you consume a healthy diet to keep your body in proper shape and deliver your best in daily life activities.

Similarly, your engine is the heart and soul of your car that is controlling the entire functionality of your vehicle. You have to maintain a proper check and balance on it daily to ensure your car keeps working smoothly.

From radiator to the carburetor, pistons to the cylinder head, various components are installed in the car engine that requires constant care and attention. But it is essential to have the right knowledge to maintain each part of your car engine properly.

Here is a complete car engine maintenance checklist that will help you to keep your engine in perfect condition.

Change Oil Frequently

Engine oil holds the same significance that food has for the human body. Good food makes a positive impact on each part of your body. Similarly, high-quality engine oil gives a boost to the performance efficiency of your engine.             

Keeping a close check on your engine oil is the cornerstone of your car engine maintenance. Engine oil provides lubrication to all car parts, ensuring minimal wear and tear. It also captures different environmental pollutants that affect the overall engine working. Therefore, car maintenance of engine oil is important by continuously checking the oil levels to ensure everything is alright.

Maintain Check on the Cooling System

You have to keep a proper eye on your cooling system to ensure it does not affect the car efficiency of your engine. Massive energy is lost during the combustion in the form of heat which is not good for a car engine as it is made of alloys and metals.

You have to ensure that there is sufficient coolant in the tank that is necessary for heat dissipation. You have to keep an eye on the engine temp gauge to monitor the temperature and if it is overheating you may shut it down.

Check for Leakage

Once you park your car, always check the parking place for any fluid marks on the ground. You should visit the mechanic instantly if you see any fluid is leaking. Engine oil and antifreeze are the major car fluids that you should check for leaks. You may also get under the hood to check if something is leaking or not.

Check Air Filter Often

The best way to reduce your car’s mileage and increase emissions is through the constricted airflow. You can get it by cleaning the air filter regularly and you may also replace it according to the condition of the current filter. There should not be any dirt or grime on the surface of the filter to keep it functioning properly.

Keep Fuel Tank Full

Petrol consists of sediments that build the layer at bottom of your fuel tank. You should avoid running low on fuel. Because it can pull this waste into the fuel pump that can ultimately reach the engine and can badly affect the performance of your engine.

Once you have developed a good car engine maintenance schedule, you will be able to fill your car fuel tank on time. Rather than just hoping that petrol does not get to the engine, you should fill your tank regularly and avoid the loss of the fuel filter pump.

Change Fuel Filter on Time

The fuel filter is almost similar to the oil filter but it works in a slightly different way. It cleans fuel by filtering out all junk and preventing its entry into the combustion chamber. When you replace a new filter, it ensures a clean flow of fuel to the engine and fuel pump. It also stops the build-up inside the engine and keeps your engine in tip-top condition.

Take Care of your Car Belts

Engine rubber belts ensure that everything is working properly once your car engine starts. If you are hearing the squeal more often coming from the hood then you should consider replacing them. Also, check your belts for any signs of a crack. If anything happens to it while your engine is running then it can cause big damage to engine parts.


Being a car owner, you need to understand the importance of basic car engine maintenance. It is important to follow the right guidelines to ensure that your engine is working in the right condition.

A smooth ride is the wish of every car driver that ensures a pleasant journey. Regardless of all bumps in the road, your car engine should not ever let you down in the middle of the road. There is nothing more painful than standing helpless on the road with a dead car engine. To avoid such situations, hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you.

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