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Car Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners are an essential luxury cum necessity in the scorching heat of summer. Affording a commute in this heat could be unbearable for many of you. To maintain the temperature and safe mileage levels, air conditioning in cars must be a priority. Maintenance of air conditions is the most important yet most often checked or maintained part of the car, which needed to be kept a check and balance on though due to less awareness about cars' mechanism people are failed to do so. Here are some tips you may follow to maintain your car’s air conditioning system.

Regular Professional Cleaning

Cleaning of clogged filters must be done to clear the dirt and moisture from the filters of AC that block cool and fresh air and affects the evaporator coil and impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. The AC condensers could be washed with water but, with proper equipment under a professional’s help. Changing air filters and cleaning the unit is also a must-to-do tip.

Recharge your AC

If you live in a hot place then you necessarily need to refresh the air conditioning system of your car with gas and lubricant. Recharge your coolant after every 2 or 3 years. Keep an eye on the recharging levels, if the levels are too low this means the lubricant has drained and needs to be refilled again or there might be leakage as an indication of leakage.

Run your Air Condition weekly 

If you live in a cold place or you don't have your AC, then you have to run it for about 10 minutes every week at the quickest speed and coldest temperature which makes the circulation of gas in the system. This process also dries out the chambers and prevents bacterias or fungus.

Periodic Inspection

Periodically inspect your car’s air conditioning system’s condenser manually by cleaning and checking it to reduce the blockage. If this isn't enough and still there's a problem then consult professional help.

Examining the Fan Belt

Keep checking if the fan belt is attached to the hoses, gas pipelines, and compressor to work smoothly and the lubrication must be sufficient enough to keep it working. If you own an electric cooling fan and in case the fan is not running it could burst the hoes which leads to the loss of freon and oil in the system. There must not be any cracks in the fan belt.

Plugged Condensation

When the condensation drains are plugged water runs on the floor of the vehicle’s passenger side rather than under the vehicle. This means there's a kind of fungus, residues, dust, or any other thing that might have clogged the drains of condensation. The car needs cleanliness from the underside.

Ignore The Ignorance

When the liquid coolant enters the compressor, the drive belt malfunctions or the mounting bolts start to lose that keeps the components of AC intact, an unusual sound often comes, never ignore that! It might be an alarm to something odd to your car’s air conditioning system.

Recirculation  Mode

To improve the efficiency of the air condition you can run it on recirculation mode that acts as a blockage for dirt to enter or any odor.

Cleaning Radiator 

When the radiator overheats the heat is transferred to the condenser of the air conditioning system that affects the cool air or the temperature of the AC, as the condenser is located right in front of the radiator. The radiator should be cleaned after every 3 months.

Service And Maintenance Consultation

Your car needs a check on regularly or periodically. The service and maintenance of other components of the car must be frequent. Only this can help the detection of any malfunction, or mechanical fault.


Buying a car is easy which only needs your money but its maintenance is one hell of a task as it needs your attention, time, and money. But if you treat your car right it would serve you better. To keep its system working try to have your eyes on it to inspect and to provide services to your commute.

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