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5 Car Detailing Tips you Need to Know

A car is not just a means of transportation. It is one of your valuable assets, just like your home, business, or any property that holds a special place in your heart. You take care of its needs just like your child by looking after it.

From engine maintenance to wheel alignment and balancing, you have to keep an eye on different aspects. But above all of that, your car look is the first thing that gets noticed. Even its resale value also largely depends on how well you have maintained your car exterior.

The sensitive exterior car surfaces require constant care and maintenance. Besides that, different benefits are associated with cleaning your car regularly. It requires continuous effort, but it pays well in the long run.

Detailing is not only a vital part of your car maintenance, but it also helps you maintain the worth of your car. But for proper car detailing, you should have sound knowledge that can help you get a job done without any hassle.

Here are some car detailing tips and tricks that will help you attain your vehicle's tip-top and mesmerizing look. Whether you need car detailing tips for tire shine or body paint, this article will enlighten you about different aspects of car detailing.

Start by Cleaning with Car Wash Shampoo

Use quality car shampoo while washing it. You should use the correct method and product, or else it can damage your car paint and exterior surfaces.

You have to wash your car weekly to ensure that dirt or grime does not occupy the surface of your car paint. Make sure that you are using fresh water with a soft foam brush to remove all the contaminants.

Choosing the right car wash shampoo will help you clean the hard surfaces, including glass, steel, ceramic and overall car body. Above all of it, you will gain your car's shine back.

Buy Quality Brushes

Any professional knows the worth of brushes in car detailing. It will help you clean dirt from minor holes in different car parts such as wheel wells, tire rubbers, or engine bay. To clean the interior carpets, you will require a scrub brush.

You will also need a toothbrush to clean the door handles and dashboards. To achieve better results, you may use a compressed air vacuum.

Wash from Top to Bottom 

One of the mistakes that inexperienced car detailers make is not to start cleaning from the right place. A professional knows where to start and where to end, so providing professional service can help you remove contaminants that do not appear again on the surface.

It will help if you start cleaning by rinsing the vehicle, including the trunk lid, glass, hood, and other parts. You can rinse down all of the mud from the bottom of the car. When you rinse off the debris, you can wash the roof. You have to watchfully wash the vehicle to prevent the soap from drying on smaller car surfaces.

Clean Car Interior Properly

Your car interior holds great importance in the car detailing process as you would love to have a crystal-clean place where you'll be controlling the vehicle.          

One essential car detailing tip for the interior is to start from the carpets before cleaning the dashboard and electronic display areas.

Start by vacuuming the dirt from the carpets. You can lose the dirt by the dry scrub brush. It may take a while to remove dirt altogether from the carpet as it can be sticky. It would be great to have an air compressor to help you remove the tiniest corners of the rug.

While cleaning the carpet, you should wear safety glasses to keep your eyes safe. Also, you have to look at the places under the seat. You can use upholstery cleaner to clean the stains on the carpet, or you may spray a small shampoo and wash it afterward from the clean water.

You can also use the scrub brush on carpets by using the shampoo with it. It would help if you also kept a towel to wipe out the moisture.

The dashboard is another vital part of a car interior. You may require a high-quality car dashboard cleaner to do it effectively. It is essential to choose the cleaner that can work effectively on all surfaces like leather, plastic, rubber, etc. Good dashboard cleaners will help you maintain the original shine and color.

Work on Car Hinges and Latches

One of the essential car detailing tips from the pros is lubricating and taking care of your car hinges and latches. But it is mainly overlooked by the car drivers until some big issue arises, so you have to take care of it before something serious happens.

You have to pay attention to your latch maintenance by keeping it clean and lubricated. It is also essential to look after lock cylinders in your car if there are any. Some car owners find out that their lock cylinder is no longer used due to lack of use.


Personal hygiene is essential for our good health and to keep ourselves in the best shape. Similarly, car detailing is one of the most integral parts of car maintenance. Firstly, you need to have the right tools and products to complete this process successfully. Whether it is glass cleaner or car polish, you cannot compromise on the quality of products to achieve your desired results. Hopefully, this post will add significant value to your car detailing knowledge.

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