Automatic Transmission Fluid - Transmission Oil (1 LTR)

Automatic Transmission Fluid - Transmission Oil (1 LTR)

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NASA Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III is made up of highly refined synthetic base oil having VHVI technology which provides excellent performance in Automatic Gears, Power Steering, and other related applications. Our top-quality transmission fluid provides excellent lubrication to all your components to enhance your car performance and make your driving experience smooth and hassle-free. NASA ATF DEXRON III transmission fluid oil cleans dirt from the metal surfaces, condition gaskets, improve temperature range, and rotational speed. You can check the automatic transmission fluid price in Pakistan and then you’ll realize the flexibility and affordability of our rates.

Properties Of Automatic Transmission Fluid:

  • Nasa ATF III contains high-quality additives for VI improvers, Antirust, antiwear, antioxidant, and antifoam properties.
  • Balance viscosity for all types of weather conditions.
  • NASA ATF III composition ensures complete compatibility with most of the synthetic rubber sealer.

Specification Of Automatic Transmission Fluid:

  • Meets GM Dexron, ford micron specification.
  • Meets Detroit Diesel Allison, Caterpillar specification.
  • Meets ATF III specifications of most of the Automobile manufacturers.

Caution Of Automatic Transmission Fluid:

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin, if contact washes thoroughly with warm water.
  • If swallowed, immediately see the doctor.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.

 Packing Of Automatic Transmission Fluid:

1 Litre

Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Amazing transmission oil!
    Review by Kausar Saeed on 15/01/2021
    This automatic transmission fluid makes our vehicle’s engine clean and efficient.
  • Value
    original Products
    Review by Manahil on 30/11/2020
    While searching on the internet, I found this great transmission fluid! It worked well for me as it meets the viscosity requirement.

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