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A Difference between Contact Cleaner and Brake Parts Cleaner

Plenty of parts are assembled to build a single metal body of four wheels that you know as a car. Each component has its importance, so you have to ensure the cleaning of every part. From battery to electrical components, brakes to tires, every single part needs proper maintenance.

There are various products available for the cleaning and maintenance of different car parts. Contact cleaner and brake cleaner spray are also among them. You need to pick a high-quality contact cleaner and brake cleaner spray.

But more important is to understand the right use of both these products, especially contact cleaner spray. Each product has characteristics that are appropriate for different functions and operations.

Let’s dive in and understand the difference between contact cleaner and brake parts cleaner.

Contact Cleaner

A contact cleaner is also known as the electrical contact cleaner or switch cleaner that is designed to eliminate contamination from electrical components. The main purpose is to eliminate the contamination quickly to avoid scrubbing and wiping.

The solvents used in contact cleaning comes in pressurized aerosol packaging. It is a forceful spray that deeply cleans all sensitive components of the connections.

Uses of the Contact Cleaner

From dust to dirt, grease to oxidation, contact cleaner is used to clean different types of pollutants. One of the major characteristics of the contact cleaner is to remove oxidation from the sensitive electronic components. Oxidation lies in most of the electrical equipment’s contact surfaces.

Whether it is the components of your car engine or other home appliances, you need to maintain a proper check and balance. Regardless of whether an electronic appliance is in perfect condition or not, you should keep its surfaces clean by using a contact cleaner. It’s better to take care of the certain electronic item before it starts occupying rust. Don’t forget to check the user manual before using anything on electronics.

How to Choose a Contact Cleaner

When you are picking a particular product there are plenty of factors involved in it. Similarly, while choosing the contact cleaner you need to consider some key points. Price could be one of your major concerns but you cannot afford to ignore the factors mentioned below.


Most of the contact cleaners contain hydrocarbon solvents and alcohol that are available commercially. These substances are highly flammable, so it can be a great safety concern. Generally, contract cleaners with higher flammability can work as an effective cleaner but it’s better to not risk your life and others around you.       

You may consider nonflammable contact cleaners while buying but it comes at a premium price. You may take a good look at the contact cleaner price in Pakistan or anywhere else according to your city or country. It will give you valuable insight into prices and will help you make the right decision.


Toxic chemicals like Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene are used in contact cleaners to enhance the cleaning performance. There have been incidents where workers have suffered as a result of exposure to these high-level chemicals. 

It has been reported that workers have complained about such toxic chemicals after facing health issues like constant headaches, dizziness, and loss of body control. It even gets worse when such situations lead to serious diseases like cancer and reproductive problems. Be mindful while choosing the contact cleaner and make sure that it is not containing any toxic solvent.                                  

Material Compatibility

Contact cleaners need to be compatible with different materials like metal, plastic, and rubber gaskets to protect them from environmental hazards. If solvents in the contact cleaner are not compatible with plastic then it can damage the material or create cracks. For example, rubber seals can shrink or swell that can provide if they are exposed to harsh solvent. After buying the contact cleaner, you may test it to make sure that it is compatible for use with other materials.  

Brake Cleaner

The automotive brake is one of the major parts of the automobile that requires special care and maintenance. You need to monitor it constantly to make sure that it is working properly. It is tough to protect your brakes from getting dirty. Because it is continuously exposed to dirt and grease. If you want to clean your brakes effectively then you need to smartly use brake cleaners that will clean all contaminants from the surface. The quality may vary depending on the type of brake cleaner ingredients that are used in it.

Whether you are buying brake cleaner in Pakistan or anywhere else, you should consider the precautions that are provided with the user manual.       

Brake Cleaner Uses 

The main use of brake cleaners is to degrease and clean the metallic parts of cars. You should not use it on the painted areas of the car or else it can damage the car paint. 

Degreasing is the process that involves car painting, repair, or electroplating. High-quality brake cleaner spray helps you to eliminate fats, oils, resins, dust, and other environmental pollutants.

You need to keep your components safe from rust. While you are cleaning the car, inspect each component separately and clean it by using the brake cleaner on all areas.

Applications of Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaners are used in different applications for cleaning different types of components and parts. From cleaning valve cover to adding a new oil in it, removing grime to its regreasing, it can be used for different purposes. Brake cleaner does not require any unwanted residue and you can use it without water to rinse parts. Here are some of the applications of brake cleaner.

Stain Removing

The chlorinated brake cleaners have perchloroethylene that is a compound used in laundry and to clean stains. If a regular stain remover is not available, then brake cleaner should be your go-to choice. Let’s say if you want to clean food stains from clothing then apply a little quantity of brake cleaner on it before washing.     

Floor Cleaning

Floors get stained constantly, so you need something that can keep your working space clean. Anything like oil or paint can spill on the floor that can leave unpleasant stains on the floor that you will not like to see at any cost. Using brake cleaner can help you in wiping floors with a great cleaning effect. You may also use it on concrete surfaces.  

Gun Cleaning

Brake cleaners are not only useful for car owners but also gun owners. If you own a gun then you can trust the brake cleaner to maintain the gun in its original state. Additionally, brake cleaners are cheaper as compared to regular gun cleaners, so you should avail this feasibility. Make sure that brake cleaner does not touch-sensitive gun components like rubber or plastic materials.


Every product holds its significance with its particular features and characteristics that have different applications. You should have the right knowledge and awareness of using any product in the right way such as brake and contact cleaner. Both of these products have great usability in consumer’s life. 

You have to take the necessary precautions whether you are dealing with a brake cleaner spray bottle or can of contact cleaner, you have to be vigilant. Hopefully, this post will help you understand the difference between contact cleaner and brake parts cleaner.

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